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Karissa Shannon and her identical twin sister, Kristina are the new girlfriends of Hugh Hefner, THE playboy of Playboy! Cute, blonde and sassy as hell, these two girls have tempers flaring and hormones racing all over the U.S. To some, they are the girl’s who "ruined” the top rated hit on E!, The Girl’s Next Door. To others they are the ultimate Men’s Fantasy, soon to be seen NUDE as Playmate's in a 2009 issue of Playboy.

Watching their transformation into Playboy style Blonde Bombshell’s has been a roller coaster ride. The twins were born 19 years ago. According to their father, Patrick Shannon, the girls’ mother passed away and he raised them alone. They came to California from Clearwater, Florida. It appears they also spent at least part of their childhood in Hartfield, Michigan. There’s not much information out there about their childhood, but surely as their popularity grows, so will the abundance of info.

The twins worked at Winghouse in Florida and even appeared in the restaurants 2008 and 2009 popular calendars. But Hollywood was calling. After posing for famed Playboy photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi, they were asked to come to California. In October of 2008 they moved into the Playboy Mansion. What happened next depends on who you ask! The "official” story is that shortly after Hugh Hefner’s longtime girlfriend, Holly Madison ended their relationship, she threw a party in honor of the girls. It was at that party that the girls told Hef they would love to be his new girlfriends. Shortly after that, Holly Madison went public with the breakup. While claiming heartbreak the next day, Hef proudly presented his two new girls to the media and two days later, the media storm started with the two beautiful twins right in the middle of it.

Within 24 hours, an arrest record and full report was all over the "infotainment” news. According to the report, last January, the girls had physically assaulted a girl they knew from work after a verbal encounter. They were both charged with felony aggravated assault. They were released on $10,000 bond, ordered to pay restitution and are both still on probation. But that's not all! Our favorite twin, Karissa had also been arrested in November 2007 for a misdemeanor assault! Of course the media was all over the arrest reports. Very quickly the MySpace pages of Patrick Shannon, went private. Just the day before it had proudly proclaimed "Holly finally told the world, NOW the truth will come out!” The twins ever-present aunts changed their pages to private as well. Eventually, the pressure got to the girls and they switched theirs to private, too. But that was short lived! These girl's LIVE for the spotlight! Says one quote from their MySpace "Hollywood Here We Come!”

Will the twins survive the bad press they’re getting? Can they live with being the target of furious fans around the world? To see just how serious the distaste for the girls has grown, one can simply read the message boards on E! Online. There is a section for the fans of The Girl’s Next Door, and those fans are not happy. In fact they are raging. At one point it got so bad that Kevin Burns, Executive Producer of TGND and good friend of Hef’s wrote a few messages trying to get the fans to calm down. It didn't work! The moderators of the boards ended up making a rule that anyone who wanted to "bash” the twins had to go to the "Critics of The Girl’s Next Door” board that had been made a couple of years ago. Even with the threat of being banned, members manage to sneak in jabs in nearly every message. In their minds, no one will replace Holly, Kendra and Bridget.

So what's next? The twins have already appeared in several episodes of TGND and they are filming more. At least one upcoming episode shows a new version of the sleepover episode that the original GND did in Season Two called Sleepwear Optional. It's so similar that the girls, and at least three of their guests are even wearing the same pajamas from the Season Two episode! In addition to the show, the twin’s Playboy pictorial is expected in early Summer. And being Hef’s girlfriends calls for a lot of public appearances, parties and fun! Along with his other new girlfriend the girls will be very busy! So, love ’em or hate ’em, they’re here,and they do kinda grow on you! We may not be able to get you into the next Playboy party, but we will keep you informed of what they're up to the best we can. Feel free to add any info to the blog and contact us anytime!